She Left Her Cocoon and ..

Hey loves,

Its been some time eh? I’ve been pretty busy managing both work and studies that I hardly have the urge to pen down my thoughts anywhere, besides Twitter. 😉 Follow me to get in touch with my ongoing craps! 😀 Because there’s just too much to say and twitting isn’t sufficient, let me bring you to my thoughts of the day..

After hiding in my cocoon for nearly a year, I’ve evolved into a beautiful butterfly, flying among the flowers, sipping sweet nectar, realizing that not all flowers are freshly blooming as they may seem from a distance. See, my imagination is taking me a little too far.. :p Oh well, its not a bad thing ey.. Sometimes it’s good to let your mind wander.. Haha.

So yeah, I’ve been single for 10 months now, laying low without allowing anyone, except my close friends to invade my territory. In these months, I learned to guard my heart, I learned to evaluate my actions, both right and wrong without anyone pressuring me and change where its necessary, I learned to make decisions on my own, I learned the beauty of being single, I learned to be myself and most importantly, I learned to live WITHOUT a man. And it wasn’t that bad after all. I’m proud to say that I’ve learned the true meaning of independence and I’ve build my own foundation to lead my life. I realize who I am, not absolutely but significantly. 🙂

And finally, when I decide to leave my cocoon, I let myself fly among the flowers, I realize that I could precisely separate the fresh flowers from the not-so-fresh ones! The moment a guy approaches me, through a short conversation, I could certainly predict his intentions. No, I’m not a psychic, neither am I jumping to conclusions, but somethings are just pretty obvious, you don’t have to be a psychic to tell. When a guy says, “What kind of things have you done with your ex?’, “How hot are you?”, “If we’re both in a silent place alone, what would you do me?” and if you play along the lines, he’ll assume that you’re interested to jump on bed with him. And there are also the sweethearts, all they want is to get to know you, they ask you all sorts of questions but they don’t hint anything personal. I love the latter, of course. It’ll definitely makes things pretty comfortable between us.

To be fair, I usually give a benefit of doubt but when I can no longer tolerate, I ignore, completely ignore. And if this person still bugs me, I suppose he’ll see the worst side of me.

Dear boy, guy, man, …

It is evidently not sexy to see a woman as a sex machine. She’s precious as a gem. She have got a heart. She’s a God sent gift on planet earth. Don’t treat her like trash. Its a huge turn off to ask her the type of questions mentioned above. You ‘probably’ meant it at your best interest but any girls, well, most girls will take it the way I did. Yes, please call me ancient if that makes you happy, but I’m a woman with dignity and pride, there’s no way I’m giving myself to anyone whom don’t deserve it. Get it? So pleassseee.. Don’t give me a reason to show my violence. :p

Signing off. 🙂


North Pole Shifting To South Pole?

So its the end of November! Another 31 days and we shall welcome a brand new year, 2013.

There are a whole load of predictions for the month of December this year. And this lead me to a question.. How can humans predict the will of God? I personally believe that He’s the creator and He’s the destroyer, we have no power against His will. One of the latest hoax that became hype recently is the prediction of a total blackout on earth close to Christmas this December. The scientific explanation in relation to this news manifested that the total blackout will be due to an alignment of the universe. On the other hand, spiritual advisers and religion experts points it out to be the end of the Dark Age and the birth of a brand new world. Now what is what?

I did a minor research on the scientific justifications and most articles read out that the whole agenda was a deceit. NASA did not confirm anything of such will take place. The news was circulated widely over various social media platforms, the most popular ones being Facebook and Twitter. Spiritual masters started preaching in their respective holy grounds that the world is coming to an end and we should start praying for our sins to be washed. Like seriously?

Firstly, my humble request to all beings out there, only share legitimate news. It helps. Don’t post something without conducting a proper background check, it only worsen the situation. As usual, rumors spreads faster than fire! This topic leads to serious conversations over lunch/dinner for some while some turns it into a joke of the year. I wouldn’t really blame spiritual masters or religious experts as it is their job to find every opportunity they have to knock some spiritual sense into a humans life. But the truth is, there is no way in this world one can force another to accept Him truly from the heart. 🙂 You can only assist, no plant the seeds of love in their hearts.

In my point of view, we shall just leave His creations to Himself. He knows better. Do the things that you believe is necessary and just move forward in life. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you’re leading the right path in life. God, religion, science, … its all very subjective matters and I don’t find the point to elaborate on it. You hold what you believe in but don’t exaggerate on nonfactual news. If you’re to die, you will die no matter the world ends or not. If its written in your fate, you can’t fight it. And yeah, you’ll only be afraid of your death if you’re not confident of your life. Hence, do the honorable deeds and live a appropriate life. 🙂

Last but not least, I’m sorry if I brought up any issues that are sensitive to you. I had no intentions to discriminate. The whole post was based on my own point of view. Feel free to share your feedback if you have any.. 🙂

Stay blessed! 🙂