Welcome Me ;)

Hey people!

Welcome me to the WordPress blogging world! 🙂 I heard its really interesting in here.. The sole reason I’m here! 😉

I’ve loads and loads to say but I don’t think this is the right time as I’m at work! Pretty bored I tell you. Well, I shall give a short intro about myself yea?

No. 1, call me Pinky! Not gonna reveal my real name here and I’m pretty sure more than half you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it correctly. Speaking from experienceee… Haha! I’m turning 23 on the 9th of October.. Take note yeah as it is a few days away.. 😉 I’m officially done with my degree (B.A. Mass Communication) and currently undergoing my internship at IKEA, Malaysia.. Yes, I’m a Malaysian and proud to be one. The foooooddddd! Haha!! 😀

I’ve been blogging since the end of 2009. I have two accounts on Blogger, Angel’s Rose & Ignited Angel! Be sure to check them out. It’s mostly about me ranting.. I hold a degree in that.. :p I didn’t really updated Ignited Angel as I had been going through a tough time in life, a very tough time. There were more downs than ups, sadly. But things seems to be falling in place lately.. Not perfect but just fine. And I’m satisfied with just that for I know that God plan’s are far greater than mine!

Oh, I forgot.. I’m single by the way. :p Single but NOT available! I just went through a break up two months ago and I’m still NOT over it. I’m trying to get over it, really.. I’m TRYING! Time heals. 🙂 So will I.. 🙂

Aite then, I better get going before my boss spots me blogging.. I have a lot to say, maybe I’ll blog again, soon.. Yeah?

Take care. God bless!