Hypocrites & Happiness! :D

How do you deal with hypocrites? Ignore and walk miles away.. 🙂

Personally, I hate them and if I could, I’d do everything to get rid of them from this world.. at least the world will be a better place to live without them. But I’m not invested with such powers hence I shall just stick to the first option. 😉

If you were in my shoes, how would you feel when you realize that a bunch of them are practically ignoring you? They prefer doing things in a group while you’re not there? They don’t make you feel a part of them again? I felt terrible but it didn’t bother me too much. You wanna know what ACTUALLY bothered me? The fact that they try to be nice when they need to get somethings done. What’s up with human nature lah? Haih.

I’m glad that I’ll be isolated to my own pace next week onwards. I’m best at ignoring people, especially those who don’t match my league. And of course I’ll choose to opt to shit I do the best. IGNOREE!

Okay. I’m done ranting.

On a brighter note, I got back my car. It’s perfect now.. 🙂 And nothing beats the feeling of driving your very own car. Haha. I sincerely appreciate the uncle (my dad’s friend) who borrowed me his car while my car was at the hospital last week. 🙂 Life was so much easier with it.

Aaahhhh… And and.. Did I tell you that I got an extension for my assignments? I was so happy then but I’m freaking out again cos I’m not done with Common Law. Submission is on the 1st of April. Oh.. On the BRIGHTESTTTT note, I’m on leave tomorrow and Friday morning.. 😀 Yay! A couple of hours without hypocrisy. :p And by hook or crook, I’ll get CLR done before I return to work on Friday evening! 🙂

Neways, sorry for the non-informational post. Toodles!


Happy New Year! :)

Its been ages huh? 😉 I had been extremely busy fulfilling each and every minute of my long break. Last day at work was on the 31st of Dec 2012 and life had never been better. 🙂 I was away, back in hometown during the first week of January. Oh! My hometown is located in East Malaysia, this small city called Miri. It was awesome to be back home after a very long time.

Now I’m back in KL, rotting in boredom but still loving every moment of relaxation. The hell is about to begin very soon as I’ll start working on the 1st of Feb again. Pffttt. Haha. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’ve started my law classes and honestly, I just love ’em. The first week of classes stressed me out already but no, it did not deter my spirits. I’m ready to accept the challenge yo! Read, read, read … 🙂

I guess that’s enough of an introduction for the first few weeks of the year. 🙂 I chose not to have resolution(s) for this year as I never tend to fulfill them. I shall just go with the flow prioritizing on my studies and career. I vowed not to fall in love this year after all the shit I went through last year, hope it lasts. 😉 The rest, I leave it to the hands of the Almighty for he has the best plans for me.

Hope y’all are having a good start of this brand new year. Let’s make the best out of it! 🙂 Do share your new year resolutions if you have any.. Looking forward to hear ’em out! 😀