5.36 AM / 05.03.2016

It’s a despair to have a heart so fragile.
You shall protect, not stab.
It’s a reality that you’ve been gone for a while.
But you’ve left her memories, not hate.



18 Months Ago?

Le sigh. Emo post!

18 months ago, on this date, around this time, I dug my own grave and I fall into it. I’m still finding my way out from this darkness.. It isn’t easy! 😦 I’m injured badly. I’m bleeding terribly. I have cuts. I have wounds.. But I’m sure, time heals..

I’m waiting to get out of this grave. I want to see the sunlight once again. The journey is tough but I’m not gonna lose hope. One day, when I’m old, I’ll look back at these days and proudly tell my grandchildrens (if I have any) that I managed to fight the battle. I didn’t give up. I wasn’t strong, but I did it! 🙂

I don’t wish to turn back time and change anything cos if I do, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I don’t regret my decisions cos if you didn’t break my heart, I wouldn’t know what a heartbreak feels like… But I wish I didn’t loved you this much cos the toughest thing on earth is to actually get over you.

The situation now is killing me silently. I’m amazed by the way you left me in the dark, all alone, fighting the battle of my heart. But its okay, it took me 18 months to only love you.. Maybe it’ll take me another 18 months to forget you completely? God knows.

Since I’m left as history to you, I’ve been preventing myself from getting anywhere close to you.. I’m sure dear, I’m sure that you’ll be history to me one day too. I’m sure you’re happy and complete without me.. Haha! Bittersweet feelings.

Take good care. Till then, goodbyeeee…


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