I Guess Life’s Good…

Sometimes, in life, all you want is for someone to love you whole hearted-ly but sadly, we’re living in such an arena that no one does that no more. People these days tend to use you for their own benefits. Nobody gives a damn about your happiness as long as they are happy. Life’s as such till you realize you have friends who’ll trade the world for you. They’ll do all it can to make you happy, to make sure that you’re okay.. 🙂

And I realized that today. Deep down in my heart, I wasn’t okay. I heard you have moved on, leaving me stranded here all alone. I thought I was gonna be mad in your thoughts but fortunately, God have gifted me with such sweethearts who realizes that something is wrong with me despite me saying it.. they could read my body actions, unlike you, of course! And what else could be greater than that? Friendship lasts for life I believe. 🙂

Its okay. I’ve came to an conclusion. He doesn’t deserve me a bit… not even an inch. I deserve better, for someone better than a cheater! And I realize, its time to move on sweetheart, he’s an ASS!

Okay bye!


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