As a Malaysian

Malaysia’s 13th general elections is over, and I’m sure the world’s oldest ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional is celebrating their victory while the people of Malaysia is hurt, upset and angry with the fraudulent election results! I believe that everyone is born with a sense of patriotism in their heart but they fail to realize it due to pure ignorance on their sides. I was once upon a time among the many who had no clue about the political state in Malaysia but today, I’m glad to say that I’ve evolved into a young lady who’s very much concerned about our individual rights as a citizen in a particular country.

As a Malaysian, I sincerely urge the administration of the ruling government, from the Ministers to the lower rank officers to sit back and give some thoughts on the current political situation in the country. Have you really won at all? Does your victory in the elections worth more than the trust of your people? I doubt. You disregarded our plea; you played your dirty tactics yet again despite the arising anger among the citizens. The majority didn’t choose you, you chose yourself in the most tedious ways. How is that fair?

My late grandfather was a policeman, I’ve never met him because he passed away before I was born but I wish he was here today to give me some facts about the state of Malaysia in his times. My father was also a policeman but today, I’m glad that he left the force a long time ago or we may be one of the many who’d fear to speak up for the truth because we were ‘under the obligations’ of the government.

Our forefathers sacrificed their lives to gain independence for this country but today, immigrants are given free identity cards (IC) without second thoughts. Why is this happening in Malaysia? It is true when they say, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton. The Ministers of the coalition are so possessed with their powers which initially led them to make blind decisions by jeopardizing the future of this country.

Have they once considered how would it feel like to have immigrants dominating our beloved country claiming that they are citizens of Malaysia? No. They haven’t. It’ll personally break my heart to have an Indonesian or a Bangladeshi coming up to me and claiming to be a citizen of this country without a brief idea of its history. It’s us, the citizen of Malaysia who owns this country, we were born and bred here and I’m saying it once for all, I wouldn’t mind shedding my blood for this country if circumstances arise.

Yes, we may have lost the 13th general elections but you’ve not won either, you’ve lose us, the people of Malaysia. You are a shame to a democratic country. And no, we’ll not give up, ever. We’ll strive as long as we can and we will make sure to bring about the change in this country, sooner or later. Thank you for opening the eyes of young Malaysians.


One of the many Malaysians voted for a change. 🙂


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