The Long Wait..

Haih. I finally have the time to drop by my dear blog, that’s while waiting for my dental appointment. :/ This shit draws a chill down my spine every time. Oh, lets scrap that.

I had been really busy the past month. I managed to complete four, yes 4 assignments, 2500++ words each in that period. Law drove me nuts and I’m sure will completely loosen my screws by end of the first year.. Haha.

And the political situation in Malaysia is a drama to watch. The coalition party comes up with new allegations each day and desperation for support is written all over their faces. The polling day is tomorrow and we, the many Malaysians are hoping for a change. We’re done with having the same corrupted bunch of morons governing us for all these years.

Well, lets hope for the best because Barisan Nasional, the coalition that had been ruling for 56 freaking years are yet again corrupted enough to imply dirty tactics to be in power! The political state in Malaysia is seriously devastating cos the citizens are suppressed from choosing their own government. So much for being a democratic country lah k!

This time around, because I can, yes, I’m gonna be a part of the change if it happens. I’m back in hometown to practice my rights as a Malaysian and I’m proud to be a voter tomorrow. Lets pray for the betterment of Malaysia, let the truth prevail.

Signing off,

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