To Believe or To Stay Calm?

When we say ‘Everything happens for a reason..’ or ‘This happened because God was helping you from falling into a bigger mishap..’, do we really believe in those statements or do we merely say it to calm ourselves down? Bundle of shit had been pouring my way lately and after repeating both those statements numerous times, I’m starting to feel that its pure nuisance. I’m only saying it to feel better, well, not that there are other ways to calm the fuck down!

Sometimes, its easy to say, “Let’s just leave it in the hands of God, He’ll sort it out for us..” but how do one actually prove it that they are relying on that sentence wholly? You can’t help the panic or grieve when you’re in trouble or pain. You still cry, or whine, or react to a particular matter despite repeating the sentences in your head. We’re humans after all and there’s nothing in particular we can do but to surrender to someone. And sometimes, talking to an imaginary friend is better than talking to someone real because you prefer to hear your conscience rather than someone’s advise.

Whatever said and done, my humble request to God is that, if You’re really doing it for a reason, show me the reason! Stop playing hide and seek already. Give me a clue at least. Stop keeping me in the dark cos you know me well, I’m the type who wants to know it all! 😉


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