Fall Again?

Sometimes, when you believe that you’re finally over somebody.. you believe that even his shadow wouldn’t be able to hurt you, you may be just as wrong. Someday, when the person turns around and say a mere hello, you fall all over again. Its just that this time around, you don’t fall in love, you just literally fall, your heart sinks in unbearable pain. And then you realize, all this while, you was in a state of denial. You thought you was done with him but you wasn’t. You made believe that you was over the heartache but it was just there, hidden beneath your smile.

I’m one person who loves truly and never forget easily. Its been 7 months down the road, I wouldn’t say that I am where I was.. I moved on but only a few steps forward. I keep myself busy to fire away those thoughts but sometimes, I’m just helpless. I’m tired of feeling this way. I said this one too many times but believe me, I’m sincerely saying this, I’M TIRED OF FEELING THIS WAY. I hate acting but lately, that’s what I do the best. Pretend. Now whatever. Go with the flow? 😉


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