Lost Of Ideas And Thoughts!

I lost it. I lost my inspirations to blog.. 😦 Nothing inspires me anymore.

I’ll be filled with thoughts when I don’t have the medium to blog but whenever I get the chance to start writing, I tend to just lose it completely.. Lost of ideas and thoughts. Hence I leave this place without anything but a draft. :/

Hmmm.. Since I got the chance to blog now, lemme share with you the second biggest step I took in life. I enrolled as a law student and will be officially starting my classes in January. I’m QUITE nervous especially thinking the fact that I’ll be studying and working both at the same time.. Just hope all goes well and with His blessings, I’m sure it isn’t impossible. 🙂

Otherwise, everything else had been pretty fine.. I think.

Will update more when time comes and SORRY for the BORING post. 😦

Till then.. Sayonara! ❤


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