Birthday? Whose birthday? ;)

Whose birthday? 😉 My b’day! 🙂

I turned 23 a week ago.. Gosh! I feel so old! It seemed like yesterday I celebrated my 16th birthday and with a blink of eye I’m 23 already.. Le sigh… But.. I had the most amazing birthday surprise of my lifetime! 😀 Lemme show you a sneak peak.


All my colleagues actually made an effort to dress up in PINK just because my nickname is Pinky and my favorite color is pink.. They planned it in such a way that I thought I may be fired from work that day. Well, classic! 😉 Aite, lemme tell you everythin in detail ey?

Hmmmm.. I went to work as usual that morning with no slightest expectation to be treated like a princess.. Haha! I was then given some task to complete, the usual. NO ONE wished me, yeah, no one but I wasn’t feeling down as I didn’t expect anyone to remember either. I only know them for about a month and other than my introduction session, I never once spoke bout my birthday. So yeah, I thought they might have forgotten. Then during lunch, my supervisor, Joanna insisted me to come along for there was an ‘important meeting’ with the big boss, Tze Kuen.

Tze Kuen is a very nice lady.. And never once I saw her mad at anyone. But from what I heard, once she’s pissed, you must have done something REALLY WRONG! And of all days, she sounded pissed that noon. Pfffttt! I thought I probably messed up something without my knowledge and what else could have gone worst than it happening on my already not-so-fun birthday!

It was only when I reached the restaurant, I realized everyone was wearing pink but still it didn’t occured to me.. I was more than freaked out to be bothered bout anything else!

Then there goes Tze Kuen starting her speech in a fuckin serious tone.. “So we’re here today to.. CELEBRATE PINKY’S BIRTHDAY”! Gosh! Only God knows the expressions I gave. I was SHOCKED! I almost blurted out, “Are you fuckin kidding me?!”.. Haha! Amazinggg! Reallllyyyyyy… 😀


It was a PINK birthday indeed! All the gift were PINK, wrapped up with PINK present paper! I was extremely touched that they went extra miles to make me feel really special on my birthday. Wow!

And from this, I’ve learned that it is not necessary for someone to know you for ages to make you a part of them. 🙂 I really appreciate everything! A hugggeeee THANK YOU once again girls! 🙂

Look our for my next post to know what have I learned in the process of reaching this age.. 😉

Take care peeps!


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