Cameron Highlands 2012

Hey all,

How have you been? Good I hope.. 🙂 I had a good weekend and I’m sooooooo God damn lazy to return to work tomorrow! 😦 Arrrgggghhhh.. I went to Cameron Highlands for the very first time in my life and I swear I’m in love with that place. The weather, the atmosphere.. Just amazingggg.. 😀

I was there for two days and one night.. Wish I could extend my stay longer but there’s nothing much to do there, really. We kinda conquered the whole place in two days. Strawberry farms, tea plantations, rose valley, butterfly farms.. Name it and I’ll tell you the experience. 😉 Love the climate there. Not too cold during the day but it gets really cold at night.. I was FREEZING!

My Strawberry Baby!

Isn’t my strawberry baby cutteee?! 😉 I wish I could sleep with it but I’m afraid that it’ll get dirty as my room gets pretty dusty all the time!

Hmmm… Guess that’s all I have to say for now. Gotta iron my clothes for work tomorrow.. Pfftt! On a different note, I’d say, I’m not at my best.. But I’m definitely better than yesterday and tomorrow, I’ll definitely be stronger than today. Over the time, I’ve turned into someone I never once thought I’d be.. And I’m glad that I’ve changed to become a better person everyday. Its amazing how loving someone can change you..

I finally believe in the term “Everyone comes into your life for a reason.. Some to learn from you while the rest to teach you”. Lifee…


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